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Our Accord forces have cornered the Chosen Razorwind clan deep in the Amazon rainforest. They are making their last stand at the ancient battlefield from the Crystite Wars. While they have been wounded, they won't go down without a fight. Gear up Pilot! This will be a battle the likes of which we’ve never seen.

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The harder we hit them, the harder they will hit us. The Chosen are now using the next evolution of their Juggernauts and Siegebreakers. Now, they are deadlier than ever. Keep your head on a swivel and watch your six!

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Root them out of the tunnels that riddle the area, flush them from the swamps of the Sombrio, and hunt them in the wreckage of the UAS Horizon. Complete daily missions for the Accord to gain access to the climactic battle against Razorwind generals.

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To aid you in this fight, new archetype specific battleframe cores have been made available. These special WARCOM-developed cores grant you new abilities that will make you more lethal than you have ever been.

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