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The Accord calls upon its fiercest soldiers, the men and women of the ARES Initiative, to defend humanity against a new round of Chosen attacks. Join a strike team to eliminate Chosen forces from the Miru mining facility. Unite with hundreds of other ARES pilots to defend the Accord Skydock from Chosen sabotage. And team up with fellow ARES teams to fight back against the latest Chosen attempt to destroy New Eden’s watchtowers. The Chosen are getting smarter and more aggressive than ever. But together, we will defeat them!
The Chosen have taken control of the Miru mining facility in Devil’s Tusk. Intel suggests that the Chosen are digging to reach a titanic creature hidden beneath the facility and plan to unleash it on the Accord. All that stands in their way is a large hive of scorchers that has infested the facility’s mineshafts, and you. The Accord needs veteran squads of ARES pilots to assault the facility and stop the Chosen from reaching the buried titan.
The Accord has established Skydock – a large shipping platform critical to resupplying Accord forces fighting in Devil’s Tusk. Seeking to cripple the Accord’s war effort, the Chosen have marked Skydock as a priority target and begun a series of assaults in order to cut the Accord’s supply lines. All available ARES pilots are needed to join the massive battle to defend Skydock and crush the Chosen offensive.
The Chosen have changed their tactics for attacking Accord Watchtowers. They have developed a method for generating an isolated Melding sphere that covers the watchtower, preventing Accord forces from entering and allowing the Chosen to easily reinforce their occupation. We’ll need the co-ordinated efforts of multiple ARES pilots to retake the Watchtowers.
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