Ico Nighthawk

Omnidyne-M Nighthawk

Plucking the Feathers off a Bird

Rec Nighthawk Large

The Nighthawk is an expert assassin that walks quietly, but is armed with a very, very large gun. These advanced recon units are also equipped with the latest in battlefield manipulation technology. Given the Nighthawk is an advanced form of the Accord’s standard Recon; it has access to its abilities and weaponry as well as its own advanced kit.

Omnidyne-M Nighthawk Abilities

Decoy – The Nighthawk deploys a holographic decoy and becomes stealth simultaneously. The decoy taunts enemies and explodes after a brief delay.

SIN Beacon – Fire a beacon that reveals the location of hostiles in an area. Affected hostiles also take increased damage from all sources.

HKM: Eruption– The Nighthawk temporarily gains unlimited ammunition. Enemies killed by the Nighthawk for the duration of Eruption explode, dealing thermal damage in an area.

Omnidyne-M Nighthawk Weaponry

Nighthawk Weaponry

The Nighthawk utilizes a high powered Sniper Rifle which fires rounds that will penetrate through up to five enemies or shields. Nighthawks can also use the alternate fire to aim through the scope for great accuracy at long distances.