Ico Bastion

Omnidyne-M Bastion

Defensively Sound

Eng Bastion Large

The Bastion is an enhanced engineer who specializes in area control and defense. By deploying an unrivaled number of traps, turrets, and shields the Bastion can turn even the most hostile warzone into a stronghold. Given the Bastion is an advanced form of the Accord’s standard Engineer; it has access to its abilities and weaponry as well as its own advanced kit.

Omnidyne-M Bastion Abilities

Multi-Turret – The Bastion deploys a small automated turret which sticks to surfaces such as walls or ceilings. The Bastion is able to deploy up to three small turrets at once.

Deployable Shield – Deploy a shield generator, creating a one-way energy barrier that blocks incoming projectiles.

Shield Wall – When defending a position from enemy fire, the Bastion has the capability to create a wall of energy which destroys any projectiles or abilities that attempt to pass through.

Ultimate: Fortify – The Bastion empowers its own deployables, granting them bonus damage and invulnerability. Deployables self-destruct when Fortify expires.

Omnidyne-M Bastion Weaponry

Engineer Weaponry

The Bastion is equipped with a standard-issue Mine Launcher. The Mine Launcher fires advanced mines that attach to a hostile or surface. Mines that are placed near friendly deployables will repair those deployables. The alternate fire triggers all deployed mines to explode, damaging enemies and repairing deployables in an area.