Ico Rhino

Astrek Rhino

The Juggernaut

Dre Rhino Large

Marketed as “the ultimate battlefield deterrent”, the Rhino possesses firepower that is unparalleled. Armed with powerful weaponry and ordinance, the Rhino turns its operator into a one-man army. Given the Rhino is an advanced form of the Accord’s standard Dreadnaught; it has access to its abilities and weaponry as well as its own advanced kit.

Astrek Rhino Abilities

Penetrating Rounds – Improves the ammunition used in the Rhino’s weapon to penetrate through multiple targets for a short duration. While Penetrating Rounds is active, the Rhino’s weapon does not consume ammo.

Sundering Blast – Unleash a blast with great force, damaging and snaring all enemies caught in the area of effect.

HKM: Mighty Charge – The Rhino charges forward at incredible speed, knocking aside and dealing massive kinetic damage to enemies in its path.

Astrek Rhino Weaponry

Rhino Weaponry

The Rhino’s signature weapon is a Photon Lance, a powerful beam that can carve through even the thickest enemy. The Lance fires a laser dealing direct damage in a short range beam that deals increased damage the longer it is fired.