Ico Electron

Astrek Electron

Constructing Technological Terrors

Eng Electron Large

The Electron is an advanced Engineer variant designed for combat support in the most volatile environments. Using long-range weaponry and experimental shields, the Electron is the offensive answer to the more defensive-minded Engineer frames. Given the Electron is an advanced form of the Accord’s standard Engineer; it has access to its abilities and weaponry as well as its own advanced kit.

Astrek Electron Abilities

Boomerang Shot – The Electron unleashes an energy projectile, damaging enemies and causing them to become vulnerable to other sources of damage. Friendlies struck with Boomerang Shot are granted damage resistance for a short duration.

Bulwark – The Electron is able to quickly deploy an energy pulse from their battleframe, applying a shield to their self and all nearby allies.

Ultimate: Electrical Storm – The Electron releases a slow-moving yet devastating energy storm that stuns and deals energy damage to all enemies caught in its path.

Astrek Electron Weaponry

Electron Weaponry

The Electron’s signature weapon, the Shock Rail, fires a beam of energy that inflicts a shock charge on stricken enemies. Hostiles that have two shock charges release an explosion of energy, dealing additional damage in an area.