Hello Firefall fans! Today we are excited to discuss the upcoming changes to itemization and player equipment slots. These changes will cover quite a few areas and enhance the effect of player choices when selecting battleframe equipment, with the overarching goal of granting more control over builds and favored statistics.  Together with upcoming updates to modules and perks, there will be many new viable builds for each battleframe archetype.

Battleframe Cores and Primary Equipment Slots

One of the larger challenges a player faces when gearing up is deciding which battleframe core is best for them. With player health being tied to this one single item, many players would find themselves in a situation where they either sacrificed a large portion of health to retain the stat they wanted such as move speed or they would equip the highest health bonus item they could find with a complete disregard to their preferred bonus stat.

Moving forward battleframe cores will be replaced by five new primary equipment slots: head, torso, arms, legs, and reactor. The head, torso, arm, and leg equipment will contribute to the battleframe’s total health, while the reactor will provide a large bonus to power rating. In addition to those primary stats, each item of uncommon or better rarity will include bonus stats set by a prefix. This grants the opportunity to choose the desired bonus stats for a battleframe build while making it easier to maintain a competitive maximum health pool as the bonus health is split across multiple items and can be upgraded more regularly. The following are a small sample of different level 40 equipment available to illustrate the customization being placed in player hands. Keep in mind that the values shown in these images are preliminary numbers and are subject to change.

Head Mighty Accord Head Urgent Astrek

Chassis Slaughtering Omnidyne Chassis Fierce Accord

Reactor Kisuton Infinite Reactor Flowing Astrek

Arm Limber Omnidyne Arm Flowing Astrek

Leg Lasting Astrek Leg Unlimited Kisuton

Secondary Equipment Slots

Along with the changes being made to battleframe cores, four secondary equipment slots will be added: the operating system, medical system, and two gadget slots. Each of these pieces of equipment will have unique effects on personal gameplay styles along with granting players certain conveniences that were not easily available previously.

Operating System

The operating system will carry stats which affect the user’s abilities across the board. For example, if a player has an operating system that affects ability cooldown then all the player’s abilities will receive the cooldown reduction granted by the operating system. This allows for the option of specializing or focusing on certain aspects of a selected frame to enhance its strengths or minimize weaknesses with more control.

Op Sys Cacophonic Op Sys Demolishing Accord

Medical System

The medical system is a reusable piece of equipment that controls how strong a player’s passive health regeneration is and can also be activated with the press of a dedicated hotkey to provide a burst heal to the player. As a result, the new medical system equipment slot will replace the need for players to carry large amounts of crafted health packs. Medical systems can contain benefits such as reduced medical system recharge times, increased heal strength, bonus shielding or even temporarily increased defenses.

Med Sys Ferverent Med Sys Energized

Gadget Slots

Gadgets will have special effects that activate under certain circumstances. Battleframes can equip two gadgets at once, each of which can have a variety of different effects such as spawning NPCs to defend the player, or when using a grenade-type auxiliary weapon, it has a chance to not go on cooldown, and more. Gadgets have different requirements for activation, but a few examples can be activated by killing enemies, scoring headshots, Jumpjet activation, reaching a critical health state or even scoring hits on enemies. 

As gadgets are introduced to the game, some of the previously unique modules such as Judgment* will be deprecated in favor of adding that effect on to gadgets. This change will free up a module slot for the players and allow the player to pick their modules to better fit their play style.

*Note: An item like Judgment being deprecated means that players that item equipped (specifically in Judgment’s case, slotted in a weapon) can expect it to function as normal, but it will be unobtainable as a module. Moving forward to gain that effect, a player would need to equip a gadget that has the Judgment effect.

Gad Judgment Gad Scorcher Pheromone Sprayer Gad Queens Heart

Auxiliary Weapons

One of the long-standing desires expressed by the community is the ability to change their melee weapon or to focus more on a melee centered build. With that thought in mind as well as the sentiment that some players prefer to keep their distance and want to avoid melee combat all together, a third weapon slot for an auxiliary weapon is being introduced. 

The auxiliary weapon slot will allow players the option of equipping either a melee weapon or a reusable specialty grenade. The purpose of the auxiliary weapon slot is to allow players the choice between moving up and engaging in exhilarating close range combat using melee weapons or to stay back, toss a grenade and enjoy the ensuing chaos.

Melee Weapons

 Melee weapons can be equipped in the auxiliary weapon slot, allowing players to customize their approach to melee combat. Without an auxiliary weapon equipped, a melee attack will be performed, strikes the opponent with the equipped primary or secondary weapon. This is only available if no auxiliary weapons are equipped and does low damage compared to having an auxiliary weapon equipped.

Energy Swords are weapons designed for fast melee strikes, dealing damage in an arc.

Energy Sword Starved

Battle Hammers perform slow attacks that require a wind up time, have higher damage and area of effect.

Battle Hammer

There are also special auxiliary weapons to be found in your Firefall adventures. Be sure to keep an eye out for them!

Battle Hammer Rageofthe Earth


  Five different types of grenades will be available for players to equip:
  • Fragmentation – An explosion that deals damage in an area.
  • Incendiary – An explosion that deals damage in an area. Targets hit by the explosion take additional damage over time.
  • Freeze – An explosion that deals a small amount of damage in an area and roots the enemy in place for a short duration.
  • Chemical – An explosion that covers an area with an acidic pool, damaging enemies caught in the pool.
  • Tesla – Creates an electrical field that will emit bolts of lightning, damaging a nearby enemy each second. Enemies recently electrocuted by the field will deal reduced damage.

Equipment Statistic Bonuses

Along with all these exciting new equipment slots, the way bonus statistics are applied to equipment pieces have been reviewed and a few more variations will be added. One of the most prominent changes made to equipment will be the ability to obtain weapon and ability stat modifiers on gear. Upon equipping a piece of gear in a primary equipment slot (head, torso, arms, legs, and operating system) that affects ability cooldown, all equipped abilities will benefit from equipping this piece of gear. 

Along with the existing prefixes, there will also be stat bonuses from the corporation that manufactured the item.
  • Accord – Provides an increase to weapon handling rating and reload speed.
  • Omnidyne-M – Provides an increase to maximum energy.
  • Astrek – Provides an increase to energy recharge rates.
  • Kisuton – Provides an increase to maximum ammunition.

Equipment Rarities

In updating the new itemization scheme, the rarity of items has also been reviewed. Certain cases caused item rarities to blur together, making it difficult to notice a discernable difference between equipment of varying rarities except for the amount of module slots available. In an effort to help players feel properly rewarded for their time invested and efforts placed into obtaining higher quality, the strength of weapon rarities will be adjusted as follows:
  • Common equipment will be equal strength to their item level.
  • Uncommon equipment will be equal to an item five levels above their item level.
  • Rare equipment will be equal to an item ten levels above their item level.
  • Epic equipment will be equal to an item fifteen levels above their item level.

For example a common level 40 is considered as a standard level 40 weapon, an uncommon version will be equal to a level 45 weapon, rare will be equal to a level 50 weapon, and epic will be as strong as a level 55 weapon. This will ensure that players are receiving the proper strength levels for their time invested in obtaining each piece of equipment.

Undying Sun Skybreaker

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek into some of our upcoming changes to itemization. Please feel free to discuss these changes on our official forums or post any questions you have via the forum link below.

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