Hello Firefall fans! Today’s blog will introduce the newest Firefall rewards system, known as the Bounty System. The Bounty System is a way for players to earn rewards for completing common actions within the game, as well as a few other more specific actions which we’ll cover further on in the blog.


When playing through events and missions in Firefall there are often many actions associated with completion of the current goal, including actions such as reviving players, eliminating specific enemies and collecting loot such as Crystite. The Bounty System takes these parts of gameplay into account and creates a reward system which will grant a variety of different items including Crystite, equipment, experience and more for completing various tasks while playing the game! There are three different categories of bounties, “Quick, Daily and Weekly” each of which contain many different possible tasks such as “Kill X Enemies”, “Collect X Crystite”, “Travel X Distance on an LGV” to even tasks such as “Dance with 5 Players”. These categories are broken down below.

Quick Bounties

The bounties which are fastest to complete are called Quick Bounties. These bounties often fall directly in the line of regular gameplay goals, such as killing certain enemy types, gaining certain amounts of experience without dying, and reviving other players. At any given time there will be three available quick bounties that can be completed. Once a quick bounty is completed it will grant a reward and then pick a new quick bounty from the pool of available tasks to replace the completed bounty. Quick bounties will award both Crystite and experience for completion.

Daily Bounties

Each day at 00:00 UTC the available Daily Bounties will reset, picking five bounties from the available daily tasks. These bounties take more time to complete than the quick bounties but will also grant better rewards, awarding larger amounts of Crystite and experience than the quick bounties, but also awarding equipment pieces upon completion. These bounties can include tasks such as killing higher amounts of enemies, traveling certain distances and gaining reputation.


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Weekly Bounties

The most rewarding of the available bounties come in the form of Weekly Bounties. While these tasks often take longer than the Quick and Daily bounties, they also award the highest amount of Crystite and Experience, along with higher quality rewards such as guaranteed rare or above equipment pieces! Weekly bounties will encompass larger goals such as converting Crystite to credits, completing core missions or collecting Crystite without dying.

Bounty Points and Rewards

On top of all the rewards offered for completing individual bounties there is also an overarching award system which uses Bounty Points to grant players reward crates. Bounty points are earned from every completed bounty and are tracked with a progress bar at the top of the bounty interface. Upon reaching marked milestones in the progress bar, reward boxes can be claimed by the use of a “Claim Rewards” button.
These crates contain a variety of rewards, with each increasing tier of reward box containing better rewards than the last. The rewards within these crates can include modules, Crystite, tinkering components, consumables, equipment, key fragments, legendary fragments and even unique epic equipment which are only obtainable from the bounty system.

Rare Bounties

Occasionally when receiving bounties, a rare bounty will be assigned for completion. These rare bounties can be in any category and will be highlighted with a special visual effect which travels around the border of the rare bounty. Completion of these rare bounties will require a little more effort but will pay out much better than the regular version, not only increasing the overall size of the reward but also the quality of items awarded.

Group Bounties

For those who enjoy grouping up and meeting new players or completing tasks with friends there is the option to join up on “Group Bounties”. When selecting the group bounty option the player and their current group will have a random event in their zone selected for completion and marked on the map. This event can be any wandering encounter or ARES mission and will award bounty points upon completion. While group bounties do not award items for completion, other bounties (quick, daily and weekly) can be completed while performing group bounties, along with receiving regular rewards for each completed encounter or mission.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this first look at the upcoming Bounty system, where players can earn rewards for performing everyday tasks. Bounties are available to play test now on the public test server.


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