Ico Dreadnaught

Accord Dreadnaught

The One-Man Army

Dre Accord

Heavy machinery of the Accord military, the Dreadnaught battleframe is slow, bulky, and practically invulnerable. What it lacks in maneuverability it makes up for in raw firepower, and its heavy defensive plating ensures that the pilots are shielded from most enemy small arms fire. Standard Dreadnaught abilities are also available for use on its advanced counterparts: Rhino and Mammoth.

Accord Dreadnaught Abilities

Heavy Armor – When under heavy enemy fire the Dreadnaught battleframe can boost its already impressive defensive systems, reducing damage from all sources as well as projecting a forward shield that completely blocks enemy projectiles.

Turret Mode – Anchoring itself into the ground, the Dreadnaught powers its offensive system, gaining firing its weapon more rapidly and with greater accuracy.

Charge – The Dreadnaught charges forward at high speed, knocking away all enemies in its path and dealing damage in an area at the end of the Charge.

Ultimate: Absorption Bomb – Boosting the defensive system, the Dreadnaught pilot gains extreme damage resistance for a short duration and taunts all nearby enemies. When the damage reduction expires, it detonates and deal damage to nearby enemies based on the amount of damage absorbed by the damage resistance.

Accord Dreadnaught Weaponry

Dreadnaught Weaponry

To counter its lack of quick movement, the Dreadnaught is outfitted with a Heavy Machine Gun. Although it requires a brief warm-up period before fire, it is capable of dealing large amounts of damage at short to medium ranges. The HMG’s accuracy improves while maintaining continuous fire.