Ico Dragonfly

Omnidyne-M Dragonfly

A Healing Hand

Bio Dragonfly Large

The advanced Dragonfly battleframe is an advanced battlefield medic that packs a tremendous punch. Armed with a state-of-the-art Bio Rifle, the Dragonfly can lock onto friends or foes and fire auto-tracking chemical blasts that can heal or cause harm. Given the Dragonfly is an advanced form of the Accord’s standard Biotech; it has access to its abilities and weaponry as well as its own advanced kit.

Omnidyne-M Dragonfly Abilities

Healing Wave – The Dragonfly unleashes a wave of nanites forward which heals allies and deals damage to hostiles while also knocking them back.

Emergency Response
– Used in situations of emergency, the Dragonfly relies on Emergency Response to teleport to an area, healing all nearby allies upon arrival.

Ultimate: Healing Dome
– The Dragonfly emits a healing dome centered around itself, healing all allies within its effect radius for the duration of the ability.

Omnidyne-M Dragonfly Weaponry

Dragonfly Weaponry

The Omnidyne-M OD-BR Bio Rifle is the weapon of choice for the Dragonfly. The primary mode of the Bio Rifle lends to the Dragonfly's offensive capabilities, rapidly firing lethal projectiles. The alternate fire mode unleashes a beam that tethers to allies, healing them at the cost of the Dragonfly's energy.